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  • Easy clean fabric. Inside lined with foilene for heat retention. Fits most delivery bike boxes. Two carry handles.

  • With Timer. Stainless Steel exterior and interior. Fan assisted. Bake Timer. Interior light. Includes 4 chrome grids 445x320mm.

  • Heavy duty electric combi steam oven. Powerfull circulating fan. steam injection with 6 settings. Accomodates 6 G/N 1/1 65mm deep. Slam shut door handle. Push button operation. Rapid heating. Compact modern design.

  • Powerfull circulation pump with removable filter. Submersible parts made form stainless steel for durability and ease of cleaning. Electronic temperature control with large digital display showing set and current temperature. Versatile clamp for attaching directly to inserts.

  • Self closing double glazed doors. Visible temperature display. Interior light. Double chrome shelves. Door locks standard.

  • Stainless Steel Body. Accomodates G/N 1/1 and 600x400mm Baking Trays.

  • Robust incolloy heating element provides even heating. Lamp fitted to illuminate product. Storage Racks for 3 GN Full Inserts 150mm (1 Included)

  • Output 46kg per 24 Hours. Storage Bin Capacity 23kg. Gourmet Ice Cube 20g. Self Contained. With progresive water discharge.

  • Vacuum chamber designed to facilitate the insertion of bags, to reduce plastic bags waste and to prevent the suction of any liquid into the machine.

  • Used in fine restaurants. Suited for high precision cooking. Can reproduce dishes with great consistency. Compact self contained unit with 14 litre bath. Powerful circulation pump with multiple inlet and outlet jets to ensure uniformtemperature distribution, fitted with removable filters. Lift out cooking tray for easy loading and unloading. Lid with...

  • New unit deisgned to compete in the rigorous environment of busy kitchens. Gas approved ball valves for reliable and durable control. Rear castors to easily move for cleaning. Powerfull 20,000 BTU burners Solid stainless steel construction.